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Summer Internship Series Part 1: Kristina, Vivian, and Nicole

The ladies of WIB share their summer experiences in investment banking, finance, and education.

Note from the Blog Editor: Throughout the year, we will be posting reflections from current WIB Executive Board members on their summer internship experiences. We hope these statements serve to illustrate the varied interests of our leadership and members. As Women in Business, we encourage each other to pursue our individual passions and cultivate an environment of diversity as well as mutual support.
In addition, the conversation doesn't stop at the blog! If any of our members' summer opportunities interest you, send them an email and they would be more than happy to talk more about their experiences.
On-Campus Business Education Chair
Kristina Park, '17 - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Over the summer, I spent ten weeks in New York interning for Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the investment banking division. During my internship, I worked in the Industrials coverage group and worked on multiple transactions and deals with global companies. During my day to day work, I analyzed companies’ financials with valuation methods and prepared pitch books and management presentations including comprehensive research and market analysis. 

I also worked directly with a senior directors to advise firms on potential investments and provided extensive research and analysis on a multitude of companies to navigate the bank's strategy. Given my background as an Applied Math-Biology concentration, I learned so much during my internship about the finance world and developed my technical and financial skills. I also met a lot of great people on the job and learned how to navigate the professional world. In the end, I enjoyed my time over the ten weeks and had so much fun meeting old and new friends in New York. After this summer, I have decided that I definitely want to continue a career in investment banking and would love to return to New York next summer. 
Exhilarated by finance and working with global companies? Contact Kristina about her internship at
Vice President
Vivian Phung '16 - Goldman Sachs

As a securities division summer analyst at Goldman Sachs, I had the opportunity to rotate through the derivative sales, sales trading, core franchise sales, and electronic trading desks. I had a fantastic summer experience learning about the firm's business model and the various roles within the division. Throughout the internship, we had weekly stock pitches as well as a derivatives project which consisted of performing risk-reward analysis on various derivatives instruments. 

Overall, the internship provided me with deep insight into the financial industry. I absolutely enjoyed reading research reports on various companies and then having the opportunity to attend company road shows and other deal presentations. Finally, I benefited enormously from the people I learned from and worked with this summer. Goldman Sachs professionals are incredibly brilliant and resourceful, and I really enjoyed gaining their mentorship and support!

Vivian would be happy to talk to you about her experience at Goldman Sachs - reach out to her at 
Marketing Chair
Nicole Enriquez '17 - Summer@Brown and Arizona Ivy League Project

This summer I spent the majority of my time in Providence, Rhode Island.  My stay in Providence pretty much entailed three things: constantly studying Organic Chemistry, working as an RA for the Summer@Brown pre-college program and lastly, really getting to explore and appreciate the Providence area. At first glance, this may not sound like the ideal, adventurous summer, but in reality it allowed me to see providence in a different light and really come to appreciate and love our campus and its location. 

Aside from being in Providence, I got to spend some time at home in Arizona where I was able to help with the Arizona Ivy League Project, a program that helps talented high school students prepare to apply for Ivy League Universities. I even got some vacation time in and traveled to Mexico with my family. Overall, this summer, like all summers, has flown by, but I’m excited for this school year to start and I’m excited for everything WIB has in store.

Ask Nicole about any of her activities this summer by emailing her at 
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