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Spring 2015 New York Career Exploratory Trip

WiB Supports Successful Women in All Industries

Our associates had a great time in New York on the second of our Spring 2015 Career Exploratory Trips. On this year's trip, WiB met with representatives at Buzzfeed, Viacom, Random House, Cole Haan, Google, Pfizer, App Nexus, Foursquare, and Michael Kors. The wide range of industries WiB visits each year allows our associates to gain insight into a broader, more diverse definition of "business." We are committed to empowering women to achieve success in all business-related fields, from finance to fashion and tech to television. 
Check out some photos from this year's and previous New York Career Exploratory Trips:    
Above: Foursquare, 2015
Above: Etsy, 2014
Above: Dear Kate, 2014
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