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Second-to-None: An Evening with Education First

by Hannah Velasquez '18

Kate Berseth and Helene Vincent (Manager of Product Innovation, Language Immersion Tours) came to WIB on October 1st to present the many exciting opportunities within Education First, a company whose mission is to teach through experience rather than the usual in-class lessons. Now, this may come surprising to those who showed up expecting, well, something business related from a club called Women in Business. As the two women described the opportunities to be had at Education First, it soon became clear that it was the kind of company ideal for any kind of college student, regardless of their major. What the women wanted to show was a company that never lost its passion; in fact, the two women emphasized that Education First still maintains an exciting feeling akin to that of a startup despite having been well established for fifty years!

"Who are you? What do you care about? What lights you up and gives you energy?"

What is Education First?

Great question! Education First is a company that seeks to bring about education through experience and travel rather than traditional in-class teachings. It is a very hands-on sort of company that still believes in the tradition of getting to know your fellow coworkers face to face.

How Can I get Involved?

EF has the 360 Program (which Helene was part of!) that allows the members to shadow a senior EF employee and learn directly from day to day experiences. The 360 Program is looking for smart, passionate, and FUN people who want to learn. Don’t have much experience? That’s alright because this program seeks to train! Through this program, you’ll be able to obtain a 360 degree view of the company as a whole (hence the name), and an ideal position within the company will be created just for you.

Also be on the lookout for internships with Education First, and don’t stress about meeting certain requirements for the application because EF wants to work with people who are really interested in the company. If you really want to work with EF, the company will really want to give you a chance, so don’t be afraid to try. For more information, contact Helene Vincent at or check out their website

“Who are you? What do you care about? What lights you up and gives you energy?”

Kate and Helene faced the many WIB members and asked that they reflect upon this vital question. Kate recalled going through several jobs (including even pitching fish off of a boat in Alaska) until finding one she loved with EF. She stressed the importance of finding something to be truly passionate about, and although many of us have been given similar advice, Kate herself is living proof of someone who has adhered to it and reaped the benefits. She knew she loved communicating with people, and through EF she was able to pursue her passion.

Her former 360 mentee Helene Vincent (Brown ’12) too advocated for the necessity of finding a job that can be thoroughly enjoyed, one that she has clearly found with Education First. In fact, Helene described EF as a Brown for adults in that each employee has a freedom to find their own way.

“Don’t just think about the money, think about yourself, think about who you are and what you love to do and what you are naturally good at and try different things”

The two women implored that the listeners admit to themselves that they cannot possibly be best at everything, and that is completely fine. The two advised that we find our niche and really pursue it, but in order to find our calling, we need to be open to all of the opportunities and give them a chance. So why not give Education First a chance as well?

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