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Search No More: 6 Takeaways from the Google Info Session

by Pia Ceres

As if we didn’t already know that Google is a tantalizingly cool place to work (think the upbeat, quirky-charming genius kid of Silicon Valley). Last fall's Google Info Session brought the colorful tech icon to a Wilson classroom packed with WIB members and newcomers alike. The info session, co-hosted by Women in Business and Lean In @ Brown, featured tips from Google University Relations representative Exie Huntington on how to get hired by a company that’s challenging the boundaries of technology every day.

Whether you missed the presentation (or you just want to re-live the Exie experience), we’ve rounded up six takeaways from her presentation:

1. She loves her job
She loves her job. Like, REALLY loves her job. And it gets us so excited to see people who are passionate about their work.

Google, it seems, is geared for growth: whether it’s impacting small business advertising, or eyeing lofty ambitions like Project Loon.

In addition to the infamous Google sleep pods, Google employees also have access to financial advice, mental health counseling, and diversity and special-interest groups.

Exie says, “You can bring your whole self into the workplace.”

2. A casual company is not a sloppy company

Even when interviewing for a “laid-back” tech company, your interview is a professional situation and should be observed as one. Most of all, speak with dignity: Instead of disparaging, take an opportunity to show, in objective terms, how you overcame that tyrannical past boss. Keep it smart, and keep it classy.

3. Cover letters are a misnomer

They’re often the last thing employers look at in your application. This makes your resume all the more critical, especially considering Google receives 5,000 resumes per day.

So how’s an accomplished phe to present one crucial page of information? “Imagine if your resume was on fire,” Exie advises, “What would you save?”

Run into the hypothetical flames and grab your relevant, stand-out details. What can you talk about for hours? Done anything Google-related (like this or this)? Highlight those, too!

4. When it comes to interviews, be prepared for anything

During one of the middle phases of her application process, Exie was called into a Google office building, expecting an in-person interview… and found herself face-to-screen with a G-chat. Prepare for anything but the notorious brainteasers, which Google no longer asks.

It’s also important to know your limits. Called by an interviewer while you’re caught in the J. Walter Wilson mailroom rush? It is definitely okay to apologize and ask to reschedule.

5. Embrace your "Googleyness :)"
Call it sparkle, call it pizzazz. At Google, it’s Googleyness. A little more than just being nice, this is your signature, your personal inkspot into the company culture. It’s a little different for each Google employee, so however you find or define it, celebrate it during the application process!
6. “Don’t ever say but.”

I’m applying to Google, but I’m a [non-tech/irrelevant/sad] concentrator? How many times do we tell ourselves that we aren’t qualified? The world would benefit from hearing, I’m applying Google, and I have this unique, valuable experience to offer.

You only have so much time to present yourself. Treat every interaction like an interview, and don’t waste a second presenting yourself as anything less than you’re worth.

Will you never look at a search engine the same way again? Great! Not crazy about the Googleyness? That’s cool, too. A lot of Exie’s advice is universally constructive, especially about being our own worst intimidators.

And you can take that straight to whatever tantalizingly cool industry catches your attention.

Interested in joining the Google team? If so, check out these links below!

Contact Exie at
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