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EY Parthenon Information Session

By: Gaby Elanbeck '19

Last week, Women in Business hosted three representatives from EY Parthenon, Maxine Winston, Celine Hu, and Hayley Kirman. EY Parthenon is a strategy consultancy group employing 600 people across the United States and operating 22 offices around the world. The firm assists different companies by performing analysis on business questions that involve revenue growth, investment in other companies, and efficient usage of resources. Daily life at EY Parthenon involves a lot of research. Associates and consultants may work on anything from compiling market research reports, to actually conducting primary research, to talking to experts about case material, to writing and distributing surveys. Overall, EY Parthenon does 50% less travel per week, 150% more project exposure per consultant, and does about three to five times more strategy work than other management consulting firms.

During the presentation, EY Parthenon’s representatives described their experiences as associates. One associate, who was involved in a private equity case, was given the opportunity to model directions of international growth and the case’s probability of success. In an education strategy case, another associate forecasted risk and returns for a liberal arts college’s revenue opportunity assessment. She identified successful programs at peer institutions, reached out to program directors, and coded alumni surveys. To this day, it’s one of her favorite cases at EY Parthenon. Finally, the last associate related her experience in assessing the scientific validity, clinical utility, and reimbursement environment of molecular diagnostic tests. For this case, the associate conducted interviews with experts and performed secondary research on the company’s tests. EY Parthenon does work in healthcare, retail, life sciences, and many other industries, so there’s always something new and exciting to glean from a case, and a wide variety of skills that can be put to use.

EY Parthenon has trademarked the phrase “smart, nice, driven women.” This is exactly the type of employees EY Parthenon seeks — women who are extremely bright, intellectually curious, inventive thinkers with a good command of analytics. Since the firm relies on open collaboration and partnership, EY Parthenon looks for associates who are friendly and proactive. Diversity and inclusion are a big part of the environment at EY Parthenon as well. Associate consultants have the opportunity to interact with and get advice from partners and vice presidents during informal coffee chats. There are also networking events with other women in the company, informal social events with senior women in the firm, and panels on equality in the workplace.

Anyone with an interest in strategy consulting across a wide number of fields should apply for EY Parthenon’s summer internships or full-time positions. EY Parthenon looks for a good fit in each applicant’s cover letter and resume, and interviews. The associates discussed the interview process with us. Part of the interview process involves an interactive case study with qualitative and quantitative components.


Overall, it was a great event! If you want to learn more about EY Parthenon check out their website:


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