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Analysis Group Information Session

By: Vandhana Ravi '18

Last Thursday Women in Business had the opportunity to connect with Analysis Group and learn about the world of economic consulting. Analysis Group is a financial and economic consulting firm that serves major law firms and government agencies. Our three speakers for the event were:

  • Elizabeth Chertavian, Associate (Bowdoin, ’09 and Harvard Business School ’15

  • Ngoc Pham, Senior Analyst (Brown, ’12)

  • Alexandra Conway, Analyst (Brown, ’15)

What is Economic Consulting?

One of the speakers described economic and financial consulting as “quantitative economic measures to provide economic analyses to various organizations.” Analysis Group has particular expertise in providing data for litigation cases.

Why Analysis Group?

Two factors that were stressed on that differentiated Analysis Group from other consulting firms were:

1. Wide Exposure to different industries

Most economic consulting firms on the scene today hire individuals on the basis of their knowledge on a specific market or field. All three speakers from Analysis Group mentioned that one of their favourite aspects of working as an analyst at Analysis Group is the fact that they get a wide exposure to various industries rather than focusing on one specialised field.

2. Progressive Work Culture

They also spoke of how Analysis Group is truly an equal opportunities employer in various aspects including race and gender. All three speakers were female and spoke of how they never felt like they were under-tasked or overlooked because of their gender. In fact, they mentioned how on a lot of their projects, the majority on the team were women.

What are they looking for?

Another common thread through the evening was their shared love for large data sets and numbers. Since, Analysis Group emphasizes working in a variety of fields and specialties, it can be hard to assess what they really want in an ideal employee. However what really stood out was despite being from different backgrounds, all three speakers really loved data. Especially when they spoke about their typical day at work, what popped up continuously was that a large part of the job is being comfortable and excited by working with large and inaccessible datasets.

This being said, they stressed that it was not necessary to come from a coding/data background. Every employee goes through trainings for different software packages and a lot of the technical aspects of the job is learnt on the job.

Analysis Group is currently hiring a Summer Intern Analyst and a Full time Analyst.

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