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15 Websites to Help You Land a Finance Internship

By Kristina Park

Finding the right internship for the summer can be a daunting task, especially in a competitive field such as finance. Never fear! The Internet is your friend, and this step-by-step guide to internship-hunting success will help you use it to find the perfect job. 

Where Do I Start?

  1. Careers-in-Business ( A site that provides information on the responsibilities, lifestyle, and expectations for different types of careers and divisions within finance
  2. Investopedia ( A good resource to learn terms used in finance and the basics of trading, banking, and the markets

How Do I Know What Internships Are Actually Like?

  1. com ( Offers descriptions about internships at different companies and instructions on how to apply
  2. Glassdoor ( Shows multiple reviews and salary estimates from various internships given by fellow employees

What If I Need To Follow Up On The Markets?

  1. Wall Street Journal ( A daily newspaper emphasizing the news in the finance and economic world
  2. The Economist ( A weekly magazine focusing on opinions on events in the business world
  3. New York Times Dealbook ( A financial news service in the New York Times about deal making and Wall Street

What Websites Can I Use To Find Internships?

  1. UCAN ( Use to find business internships by using Brown ID
  2. LinkedIn ( Use to connect with employees and recruiters at prospective companies

Who Can Give me Advice On Interviews, Resumes, And Cover Letters?

  1. Vault ( A supply of guides that provide mock interview questions, resume help, cover letter tips, and advice on networking
  2. Wall Street Oasis ( A forum to ask questions about the finance world and internships to other members
  3. Mergers and Inquisitions ( A helpful resource that provides information about internships, finance, and current news in the markets

How Can I Use Brown University To Help Me?

  1. Brown JIB ( Use to find and apply to internships posted online from companies that recruit specifically at Brown
  2. CareerLAB ( Use to learn about company events and workshops at Brown that improve interview skills, resumes, and cover letters
  3. Brown Connect ( Use to talk to alumni from companies in a professional manner to gain insight into different companies
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