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    Our Mission

    Brown University Women in Business connects aspiring leaders with business education workshops, philanthropy, and mentorship programs that span alumnae across the country. We design events particular to the female perspective, equipping young undergraduate women with the skills necessary to lead in any industry.


    We know and value the impact of encouragement. WIB strives to create a culture that embraces female leaders by fostering a community in which women support other women's endeavors, and by setting our sights toward greater institutional equitability. To that end, this community is extended to all genders.


    Welcome to WIB.



    Learn to lead and succeed.

    We believe that you should go after your professional goals with confidence. Our suite of professional workshops, speakers, blog posts, and other resources offer you the practical skills and momentum to determine your own trajectory.


    Let us open doors for you.

    All we ask is that you dream big. We provide opportunities for members to get to know our growing network of alumnae, employers, and industry leaders. Through fun mixers, our mentorship program builds a foundation for caring relationships.


    Let's elevate each other.

    It's the first thing you'll notice at any of our events: the atmosphere of trust and support. WIB is, above all, a space where young women want other women to succeed. We actively encourage you to take risks and speak up.


  • We like you, too

    Why become an Associate? We can think of a few reasons.


    While everyone is welcome to events, Associate members can engage more deeply with the resources WIB has to offer.

    • Profound learning experiences. Enjoy priority accommodation to off-campus events, such as day-long excursions to leading consulting firms and organizations in Boston and New York.
    • Meaningful guidance. Our internal and external mentorship programs carefully match Associates with supportive mentors who want to share their experiences in the field.
    • Unprecedented access. Consider us your coffee shop. WIB provides an intimate setting to meet with employers. From fashion to finance, we regularly invite leaders from every industry. Many firms host exclusive recruiting events just for us.
    • Be the change. Associates are encouraged to apply for a leadership position at the end of the semester.

  • Spring 2018

  • Executive Board

    Uka Battulga, President


    Currently a junior, Uka is pursuing a dual degree in Economics and International Relations (with a focus on Latin America). Passionate about mentorship and women's empowerment, she is proud to have been involved with WIB since her freshman year. Outside of WIB, she is a peer advisor and TA for Brown's Department of Economics and she is an alto singer in Disney A Cappella. Last summer, she worked at the World Trade Center in Denver as well as a credit-card manufacturing company. For summer 2018, she will be working at Morgan Stanley's Investment Banking Division. In her free time, she enjoys Skyping her younger sister, playing Bach Sonatas and Partitas on her violin, and making Spotify playlists.


    Janna Jiang, Vice President

    Janna is the 2018 Co-Vice President for WIB. She is currently pursuing her degree in Computer Science-Economics at Brown University and hopes to be able to pursue a career that allows her to combine technology with social change. Her primary objective for WIB this year is to increase its inclusiveness and accessibility as a community. She spent the past summer working for BrownConnect and will spend the upcoming summer at Goldman Sachs in Investment Management. Outside of WIB, she is a TA for CS22 (Discrete Mathematics) and is the Co-President of Smart Woman Securities in efforts to dispel the intimidating stigma surrounding financial literacy. She spends her free time speaking mispronounced French, obsessively entering things into her iCalendar, and running to PVDonuts. You can almost always find her hiding from the sun at the Underground or getting shushed by her friends at the CIT - come say hi!

    Christine Meder, Vice President

    Chrissy is the 2018 Co-Vice President for WIB. She is currently a junior from Philadelphia concentrating in BEO - Business Economics. At Brown she plays on the women’s club lacrosse team and volunteers as a tutor for STEMS. Other than that, she enjoys watching tv and eating good food with good friends.

    Kimberly Yan, On-Campus Business Education Chair

    Kim is currently a junior concentrating in Economics. Originally from the Bay Area in California, Kim lived in Beijing for seven years prior to coming to Brown. In addition to organizing on campus events and hanging out with the ladies of WIB, she also works with Smart Woman Securities on campus to help improve financial empowerment amongst young women. Kim also has a strong affinity for the real estate market and all things houses, organizing events for the on-campus group, Brown Students in Real Estate. Kim also TAs for ECON 1620 and ENGN 9. She spent her freshman summer working at FinTech startup, ModernLend, in New York City. Her sophomore summer, Kim worked at marketing Consultancy, Vaudeville Ventures, and she will be returning to New York City for her junior summer to work at Barclays in the Investment Banking division.

    Priyal Gupta, Off-Campus Business Education Co-Chair

    Priyal Gupta is a sophomore from Jaipur, India concentrating in Applied Math-Economics. Aside from being involved in WIB, she is a Marketing Head and senior staff writer for the Intercollegiate Finance Journal and Assistant VP Recruitment for her sorority, AXO. She loves being an Economics tutor and learning Mandarin so that one day, she can go to China and order and eat authentic Chinese cuisine. She spent last summer working at Kinta Foods LLP to strategize a South Indian restaurant launch in Mumbai. This summer she will research through UTRA at Brown, and is hoping to also intern in India or Israel. She is passionate about Game Of Thrones (she’s a Stark), The Crown, Bollywood, spicy food, playing the Sitar, and being inspired by strong successful women like Indra Nooyi. She’s happy to talk to new WIB members and connect on LinkedIn ;)

    Katie Jenks, Off-Campus Business Education Co-Chair

    Katie is a junior studying applied math and economics. She is passionate about WIB off-campus business trips because, before she started planning them, she went on both the career exploratory and consulting trips where she learned a lot about different opportunities in the business sphere. Outside of WIB, Katie is involved in the Collegiate Consulting Group, AXO, and Greek Council. Katie also works as an economics research assistant and plans a weekly speaker series for the Chaplain at Brown. Last summer, Katie worked as an economics research assistant but this summer Katie will be interning at the Boston Consulting Group in Chicago (her home town). In her free time, Katie loves exercise classes at the Nelson, running, exploring Providence, reading the New York Times, and watching TV.

    Safiya Rajwani, Marketing Chair

    Safiya is a Freshman looking to concentrate in Business, Entrepreneurship and Organizations and Visual Arts. She is hoping to encourage more women to learn important business skills and to be more represented in the world of business. Aside from WIB, Safiya is a member of the Brown University Choir. She is from Toronto, Canada and last summer she worked for a popsicle company called Happy Pops. She enjoys cooking, chatting and watching Netflix.

    Angela Luo, Fundraising Chair

    Angela is a sophomore concentrating in Economics and Public Health. She joined WIB as fundraising chair because she is very passionate about creating a strong supportive network for women in the business workplace. She is interested in exploring many fields, such as the financial and healthcare industries, and aims to help others navigate the different options the business world has to offer. Outside of WIB, Angela is involved with the Brown Daily Herald, Smart Women’s Securities, and chamber music. She loves to work with people as part of BEAM tutoring and is always looking for new Netflix shows to start binge-watching!

    Caroline Deitch, External Mentorship Chair

    Caroline Deitch is a sophomore concentrating in International Relations on the Political Economies and Society track. She is thrilled to continue working with the WIB e-board, after serving as a class representative and marketing chair last year. Outside of WIB she is a member of the Model United Nations club and an information session leader for the Bruin Club. Last summer she interned for a design collective in Dublin, Ireland. She is originally from Baltimore, Maryland, and loves to root for the Ravens!

    Jenny Fan, Internal Mentorship Co-Chair

    Jenny Fan is currently a junior concentrating in Economics and Visual Arts. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, she has always held a strong passion for supporting other women and developing a strong community. At WIB, she is an internal mentor co-chair, and her goal is to increase the internal support system and create stronger relationships between e-board/upperclassmen with underclassmen. In addition to WIB, Jenny is also the co-director of fashion@brown and the event coordinator of International Writers Blog. In her spare time, Jenny can be found practicing piano in Steinert, discovering new study spaces, or hunting down local Providence restaurants.

    Emily Winston, Internal Mentorship Co-Chair

    Emily is from Long Island, New York and is a sophomore double concentrating in Urban Studies and Economics. She has enjoyed being an Internal Mentor for WIB and is excited to now be one of the Internal Mentoring Chairs. Aside from her involvement in WIB, she is the President of the Intercollegiate Finance Journal (IFJ), plays the oboe in the Brown University Orchestra, and is one of the Co-Directors of the Fashion@Brown Finance Team. Last summer she interned at a digital media publication company in New York City and enjoyed the opportunity to learn about advertising in the media industry. In her free time she enjoys traveling and eating good food with good company.

    Olivia Simmons, Community Initiatives Chair

    Olivia is a first-year concentrating in Economics and Hispanic Studies and is the Community Initiatives Chair of WIB. She is very passionate about women’s empowerment, in addition to effective outreach into disadvantaged communities. In addition to WIB, she is the Secretary of the Brown Pre-Law Society and a member of Brown Community Corps, Brown Entrepreneurship (Women’s Entrepreneurship) and the Undergraduate Council of Students. She is from Annapolis, Maryland enjoys traveling, learning new languages, and music.

    Anne Cheng, Webmaster

    Anne is a sophomore from New Jersey who is double concentrating in Economics and Behavioral Decision Sciences. Besides her role as the webmaster for WIB, she is actively involved in Collegiate Consulting Group, the sorority AXO, and the business team of the Brown Daily Herald, She also serves as an undergraduate TA for Intermediate Microeconomics. Over winter break, she "winterned" at an organization for immigration justice called Make the Road NJ. Anne enjoys going on culinary adventures, watching shows ranging from Rick and Morty to Planet Earth, and meeting new people!

    Sally Pan, Freshman Representative

    Sally is a freshman Class Representative for WIB who is concentrating in Applied Math-Economics. She is very excited to work with WIB and to interact with other empowering young women. Outside of her involvement in WIB, she is involved with several on-campus groups such as the Collegiate Consulting Group and Smart Women Securities. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, dancing, baking, and having fun with her friends.

    Margaret Thoren, Freshman Representative

    Margaret Thoren is a freshman from Washington, D.C., planning to study Applied Math-Economics. She is one of the representatives for the class of 2021 on the WIB E-Board. Outside of WIB, Margaret enjoys writing articles about food and health for Spoon University, participating on the marketing team for the Brown Journal of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, and volunteering with local Providence girls as an assistant coach for Girls on the Run, a non-profit providing leadership and athletic training to young girls across the country. Margaret enjoys photography, running, and spending time with her identical twin sister in her spare time.



    The Executive Board needs exceptional leaders who strive to make each semester better than the last. Look out for an email at the end of the semester for more information about applications for interested candidates. (We hope that includes you!)

  • Companies we've worked with

    Here are some of the companies we have worked with!


    Analysis Group

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch


    Cambridge Associates




    Education First (EF)



    Jane Street Capital


    Parthenon EY

    Venture for America


    Want to get more involved in Women in Business? Then become a writer for the WIB Blog! As a writer, you will be able write about networking and mentor events and WIB trips. On top of that you will be able to talk to the employees conducting network events and trips one on one. Have other blog ideas? Perfect! We are looking to expand the topics of our blog and would love your help! If interested, please contact Anne Cheng (anne_cheng@brown.edu).

    On September 29th, Penelope Shao ‘19, WIB’s External Mentorship Chair, led a panel, alongside Minoshka Narayan ‘18, to encourage members to apply to the program to provide advice and insight on how to navigate their new mentor-mentee relationships.   The aim of the External Mentorship Program...
    Right at 4:30am, 18  young women, ranging from freshmen to senior, took off from Faunce to visit four renowned finance firms in the heart of the finance world - JP Morgan, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, and Barclays. The six-hour bus ride thanks to the New York City morning commute traffic was not...
    Last week, Women in Business hosted three representatives from EY Parthenon, Maxine Winston, Celine Hu, and Hayley Kirman. EY Parthenon is a strategy consultancy group employing 600 people across the United States and operating 22 offices around the world. The firm assists different companies by...
    On  Tuesday, March 15th, Women in Business held a presentation on how to confidently prepare for and go into an interview. The session was led by Greg Sexton, Vice President of AlphaSights. He began with an introduction to his company and the services they provide. Alphasights is an...
    On March 1st, Joanna Lau, the founder of JEMMA, a designer handbag company, came to speak to Women in Business. She began by asking “how many women here don’t like handbags?” to which she received complete silence. She then asked for everyone in the room to raise their hands if they wished for a...
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get more involved with WIB?

    You can get more involved by attending our events, signing up to become an associate, writing for our blog, attending our coffee chats, signing up for our internal/external mentoring programs, and applying for the E-board at the end of the semester!

    What does it mean to be an associate?

    An associate receives priority consideration to some events that we hold, such as our finance/consulting trip in the fall and when applying to be on the E-board. Also, associates are allowed access to our mentorship program, which connects women in WIB with outstanding peers and amazing Brown alumni. Overall, becoming an associate is a great way to get more involved!

    What does a mentor-mentee relationship at WIB entail?

    With our internal mentorship program, your mentor will be matched with you based on mutual interests and experiences and they will be able to advise on topics such as course selecting, the internship search, resume writing, etc. With our external mentorship program, you will be matched with an alumna who will be able to provide you with a deeper insight of the industry that she works in and her experience at Brown.


    Question? Thoughts? The next great idea? We want to hear you. Sign up for our listserv if you would like to receive regular updates and WIB-specific job and internship opportunities or contact us at brownwib@gmail.com!


    With over 200 Associate members, WIB is a valuable resource for companies looking to recruit on campus. We frequently host events and speakers to connect employers with our group of business-focused young women. Past visitors include Bloomingdales, Etsy, Goldman Sachs, EF - Education First, Capital One Strategy Consulting, Google, McKinsey, Jane Street Capital, MongoDB, Deloitte, Levo League, and more.

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    Help WIB fund our events by donating to our GoFundMe! Any amount is greatly appreciated and the money will go towards events like career exploratory trips, guest speakers, conferences, and more.

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